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Stunning Lighting Displays is our specialty!

Your property should be stunning day and night and more importantly YEAR ROUND. With low voltage lighting systems you can showcase your landscape and provide lighting for both aesthetics and security. Low voltage lighting is a great choice and is scalable to any size system wither its a town-home or a mansion. This site will show all of the techniques that can be used illuminate your property. Whether it is up-lighting, down-lighting, moon-lighting or security lighting we have experience with it all and trust us when we say it going to be AMAZING.
Lights of Illinois Low Voltage.

Why is LED a BIG deal?

The biggest benefit of LED lights is the efficiency of the lamp. With a LED fixture that uses only 9 watts of power we are able to produce the amount of light that a 50 watt halogen bulb would produce. This reduction of wattage allows more lights on a single wire run and transformer in fact it allows us to use 4 additional lights.
Zachary Gebis founder, is pictured above in 2014 In 2009 Zachary Gebis created the stunning high voltage holiday light show known as Lights of Illinois drawing crowds to his families home.   Today he is following it with Lights of Illinois Low Voltage.