Stunning Lighting

is our specialty

Illuminating your property using low voltage energy efficient lighting

Add Safety, Security & Beauty to your Nighttime Landscape

Lights of Illinois is part of A select group of landscape lighting professionals authorized to purchase and install the most durable and advanced lighting products.

In 2009 Zachary Gebis created the stunning high voltage holiday light show known as Lights of Illinois. Today he is following it up with Lights of Illinois LV.

As a homeowner or property maintenance professional, your lighting needs for nighttime safety and security can only be fully satisfied by a professional landscape lighting designer. Such a designer also provides illumination to beautify your property and extend your nighttime living space.


Reducing Light Pollution

Too often, outdoor lighting installations at night are over lit, left on when not needed, and are harmful to the environment. As a result, light pollution is a growing global issue that can negatively affect our environment and impact our quality of life. 

Lights of Illinois is proud to follow the Illuminating Engineering Society principles for responsible outdoor lighting.

By applying these principles, properly designed electric lighting at night can be beautiful, healthy, and functional. Projects that incorporate these principles will save energy and money, reduce light pollution, and minimize wildlife disruption

Top Reasons to use Lights of Illinois

Makes your property safe and secure!

An outdoor lighting system increases the security of your home in a number of different ways. Lighting deters possible intruders by illuminating all entry/exit points of the home, eliminates dark areas and potential hiding spots around your property and gives the illusion of an occupied residence.

Transform your Nighttime Experience!

An outdoor lighting system can transform your nighttime experience on your property in a multitude of ways, whether it is feeling more secure when walking around your property at night or lounging out on the patio after a full day of work.

Expands your living space!

Outdoor lighting does a great job of expanding your outdoor living space. With many home owners having pools, patios, or outdoor kitchens and living rooms, incorporating outdoor lighting creates more functional living space at your home that can extend well into the evening hours.

Gives you Lifetime Warranty!

Who doesn’t love a lifetime warranty* on products? When having Lights of Illinois install your outdoor lighting system, not only can you count on a system that lasts, but you also receive a lifetime warranty on the products Lights of Illinois installs.

*Lifetime warranty applies to all brass fixtures, LED bulbs, and transformer cores and housings.