Stunning Lighting

is our specialty

Illuminating your property using low voltage energy efficient lighting

Zachary Gebis

Your property should be stunning around the clock

With low voltage lighting it can.

In 2009 Zachary Gebis created the stunning high voltage holiday light show known as Lights of Illinois. 

Today he is following it up with Lights of Illinois LV

Reducing Light Pollution

Too often, outdoor lighting installations at night are over lit, left on when not needed, and are harmful to the environment. As a result, light pollution is a growing global issue that can negatively affect our environment and impact our quality of life. 

Lights of Illinois is proud to follow the Illuminating Engineering Society principles for responsible outdoor lighting.

By applying these principles, properly designed electric lighting at night can be beautiful, healthy, and functional. Projects that incorporate these principles will save energy and money, reduce light pollution, and minimize wildlife disruption